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Past Layouts

This is an archive of the past layouts Hazy Reflections has worn over it's life.

Version 3.2 - Loved this layout, but I was itching to make a new one so it only stayed about a month! Hey, I like changing my layouts a lot, problem?! ^_^

Version 3.1 - I thought this layout was so cute which is why I kept it so long! It was easy to read and use and had endless growing space etc so thumbs up for it!

Version 3.0 - A pretty pink layout that didn't last long, only because the site needed much more growing room, it would've stayed apart from the space issue. It also took too long to load.

Version 2.0 - A blue layout based on Version 1.0 which had an incredibly short lifespan simply because it was too dark and I didn't like it. There's no point in keeping a layout on your blog if you can't look at it and like it, so down it came!

Version 1.0 - My first ever layout. I didn't make it however, I used a linkware layout from DayDreamGraphics while I was getting my first content up.