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My Diary - Entries this month...

10/5/03 Mood:   
ARGH, I'm so fustrated!! How hard can installing Apache, PHPmyadmin and MySQL be?! Well, it turns out that for me it's nearly impossible! I'm GOING to persevere and I WILL get a comments system on this DAMN BLOG if it KILLS ME!!! Grr.

9/5/03 Mood:   
I'm in my IT lesson. We're in a test but I've finished it so I logged onto Lou's username so I could use the internet (doesn't work on mine). It was a database test, really easy. ^_^ The bell's gonna ring soon, gotta go.

8/5/03 Mood:   
Mum's scaring me by saying I might have RSI (repetitive strain injury) from using the computer too much. My left wrist feels strained and I'm worried she might be right, I am online a lot! Groan, I'll prolly get arthritis in my hands when I'm older, I can't live without my hands!! I feel wierdly depressed to day for no real reason, I haven't fallen out with anyone, I felt like I fit in (coz sometimes I don't always feel I do). So I dunno what's wrong with me. I just wanna curl up into a little ball and never emerge, surely you've had those days?

7/5/03 Mood:   
Today had quite a few fun aspects, Sam told Mrs Sherwood in Latin that she had a speech and drama lesson and just waltzed out! Speech and drama lesson my arse! It's actually very easy to get out of lessons at my school, just say you got a music lesson or something and they believe you! And Hannah Wilko got bollocked by Madame Sinclair, she got kicked out of our French lesson coz she was sucking her thumb! We had a sticky plant fight at lunchbreak outside. We all tried to get Karen but she was too fast so we all got Rac instead! I tried to teach Karen how to make a noise with a grass blade in between your thumbs but she couldn't really get it, I thought everyone could do that! We always do it on Sport's Day to piss the teachers off! A few teachers were out on the staff patio trying to sunbath or something, Mrs Glover (!) Mr Wilkinson and Mrs Jackson. The Yr 11's had a leaving assembly this morning as well. They took great pleasure in dissing all the teachers. especially Mrs. French! They even played a Radio 5 Live advert for our school (Teesside Prep & High School, a place of no distraction and excellent GCSE and A Level results!!!) which not many of us knew there even was an advert! It sounded so gay too. Lol, that was funny!

6/5/03 Mood:   
Back to school after Monday bank holiday. Groan. I think Lou's gonna be back, hope so otherwise I'll be a billy in a few subjects I think. My smilie really says it all, I'd rather be in bed right now. -_- Lou was in school today, erm, I'm in internet club right now. Mr Wilkinson is trying to make me and Amz do work. Grr.

3/5/03 Mood:   
I'm knackered. We went to this barn dance thing which me and Rac thought was really boring! Think the adults liked it though. It lasted til 1am but we left at 11pm thank god! The name was Yellows on the Broom...wierd...ok, going now. Bai!

2/5/03 Mood:   
I'm kinda tired, I'm writing this at school before morning registration coz I'm going to Scotland as soon as I get home, for the whole weekend, even the Monday may holiday dammit. So any hopes of developing site time have gone out the window. Gonna go see Jill, Nigel and Rachel though so I suppose it's ok! Might take some photos, dunno. I think Lou's still off from school, didn't check. There's the bell, gotta go!

1/5/03 Mood:   
Happy Birthday Emily! She's 14 today. Lou was really looking bad so she went as soon as she'd given Em her prezzie. She's got Sars apparently! ^-^ Today was quite fun, don't seem to be getting much homework yet. In Art we were having a good laugh with Miss. Merrick. Shame she's leaving coz when she's in a good mood she jokes around with us. We are doing still life and she brought all her shoes in so every time we went out someone put a pair of her shoes on! She didn't mind though. She said at the end of the year, before she leaves she'll tell us which teachers she doesn't like. Should be interesting. Oh! I found a 10 note walking home from school, it was jus lying there waiting for me! Some days I'm glad I bother walking home! No one was around or anything so I think it had been there a while, or certainly no one else had claimed it, so finders keepers! Bwuaha. ^_^