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About Me!

Name: Caroline
Nicknames: Caz, Caz the spaz (lol yeah), Cranky Caz.
Online names: CreatorCaz, crankycaz.

Age: 14 B-day: Jan 2nd

Offline friends: (in no real order)
Lou, Emily, Millie, Lizzie, Amz, Saz G, Saz B, (lol, lots of Saz's!) Khine, Hannah M, Molly, Kaz S. Sorry if I've forgotten anyone!

Online friends:
greyscars, Naya Soel, Andrea, Laura (ellcee!) I keep web friends few and far between, there are other nice people but those are the main ones!

My goals: To take over the world! MWUAHAHAA! *cough* Actually, I want to be a programmer/designer for a video game company. That's my main aim, or second would be working in computer programming.