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About my site...

This site was started on March 6th 2003. I've had loads of other sites, quite a few on Final Fantasy. The reason I decided to make a collective/blog site was coz I'd got sick of writing my diary by hand, so why not on the web? I suppose it won't be here in 20 years time but who cares. Life is for the moment, right?

The name Hazy Reflections was just thought up randomly. I think it's nice, makes me think of someone just lying in a field with a book or something. ^-^

I think I can safely say, it's the first site I haven't been madly updating on every spare second of the day, it's my blog so I do it in my time, sounds good. And with a blog, you don't have to advertise loads, it's more private and personal, whereas on my previous sites I was always trying to get more hits and affiliates and stuff like that. Now, I'm not so bothered. I've learnt just to let visitors do what they like, and not to hassle my friends to come, after all, it's their choice. The more you push, the less likely they'll come!

Ok, I'm rambling, but one thing really, this site will probably last longer than any of my previous sites. Why? I dunno...I think just because I won't be constantly on the site updating so I won't get sick of it so quickly as I did with other sites that needed constant attention, like Forgotten Fantasy and god knows how many other Final Fantasy sites I've done!