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Photo Album

The pictures here are all photos I've taken, I'd rather you didn't use them on your site, I mean, that's not likely, but I'm just warning you not to if that's what you were gonna do. If you really must, then contact me first, and I'll see. Just a small note. ^_^


My cuuute hamster called Shadow!
An old hamster called Toffee.
Ricky, another old hamster.
My old rabbit, Roger, he lived to be 8!
Roger again.
And another Roger pic!
Our new rabbit, Daisy, not as nice as Roger, she's evil!

Cyprus Holiday - April 2003

The mad people who went swimming at midnight on my last night! (I'm the milkbottle!)
Me, Lauren, Megan, Josh, Braden and the male staff. ^_^
Judy, on my sunbed. She kept my feet warm when it got chilly!
Me, Lauren and Megan with the guys.
The 3 male staff. I only know Ferdi's name! (middle).
The Hotel Sempati swimming pool.
A few of us trying to do the traditional dance!
Me and Dad. (the poser!)
Me and Mum in the wind!