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My Diary - March 2003

29/3/03 Mood:   
Lou FINALLY found the hidden MSN, for all peeps who go to THS and wanna know, it's in the first row, 2nd last comp, go to My Computer-Shared Area-AJohnson-Y8 Wildlife Project-A Bird. That opens MSN! ^_^ So up yours Mrs Gray, you haven't beaten us yet!
*Cough* Anyway, went to Middlesboro and bought some black faded jeans and a black and white top with 82 on it. Wow, stuff will fit me! Haven't bought anything I can wear in Cyprus though. Oh well, I'll just have to melt (lol, Lou) in my jeans!

28/3/03 Mood:   
Lou is STILL trying to find MSN (arggggggghh!! by lou). I suspect that bitch Mrs Gray has found the file and disallowed it. ^_^ I is knackered, my BIG French speech thingy went ok, only missed one thing out that wasn't important. Phew. ^_^

27/3/03 Mood:   
Aweee! Good day, kicked 9H's ass in Netball too, even though I played crap coz I was marking Hannah-Emily, she's kinda good considering she never played at her last school! Or maybe I'm getting shittier. *_* Anyhoo, erm, good day, oh yeah, thanks Khine for making my blog kinda famous! lol, she got a lot of 9H to come on in their IT lesson, tut tut!

26/3/03 Mood:   
Lou is stressing coz she can't find the hidden MSN on the school computers! It's been banned but someone has sneakily hidden it in millions of weird filenames so it's practically impossible to find. ^-^

25/3/03 Mood:   
We kicked 9H's ass, as predicted, in the volleyball interform yesterday. Me and Lou forgot our kit and got in deep shit off Mrs Gray...think she was getting mad cos she needed a fag. She gets these mood swings when she can't smoke! So I looked really dumb when I had to borrow kit and only got these tiny shorts and a big jumper. No shoes, on that floor. Ick. *_*
You know what? I've got the feeling I won't be happy after today, dunno why, jus feels like a storm's coming. I'll tell you if I was right tonight.
Nope, today was ok, bet I have a really shit day tomoz then.

22/3/03 Mood:   
I'm absolutely knackered. It's 11pm and I've been at the Stockton Tabernacle playing violin with the TVYO (youth orchestra) in a Rotary club concert. Sounds posh, it was just the finals of a big local music competion where the orchestra had to accompany some of the soloists. So I've been playing since 2pm in a practice til 5pm, then the concert. Oh yeah, Final Destination 2 isn't on at the cinemas so we're not going, kinda glad now cos I'm pooped!

21/3/03 Mood:   
I'm in the I.T. Room, at school, it's lunchtime. Starving, need food.
Back at home now. It's the weekend!! Me and some mates, Emily, Milly and Lizzie are going to see Final Destination 2 on Sunday. ^_^

19/3/03 Mood:   
ARRRGGGHHHH!! Madame Sinclair is doing my bloody head in!! That's my French teacher. Not for long though coz I'm dropping French and taking German, so HAH! She wants my class to write a mega speech about ourselves, LEARN it and present it to the class! Me and Amy, my mate, argued with her about the learning part, saying it was totally pointless to learn it, as we should technically be able to say enough French by now so say it straight away. She wouldn't have any of it so we just sat there fuming. She does this all the time, asshole of a teacher. And netball practice, don't get me started, the Y8's took over when it's supposed to be Y8 and 9 (I'm Y9). My year is so small that we never get our own proper practice, we just get shoved with someone else. Grr.

17/3/03 Mood:   
Ahh, not much homework. Just relaxing in the I.T. room when I'm supposed to be doing homework, but I don't have any so that's ok. Not that stressed today. I think the next blog colour is gonna be purple, or blue. I have made a layout for both of those 2 colours, but will probably change them coz they're not great.

16/3/03 Mood:   
For once, I have no homework (I think...o_0) and I plan to do absolutely nothing today, except maybe clean the hamster out, she does stink! I need a break.

15/3/03 Mood:   
It's my dad's birthday today. He's moaning coz he's getting old. ^_^ I didn't get anywhere in my piano either today, even though my teacher (who was there) said I played my piece very well. Oh well. o_O I'm not really sad, as my mood smilie suggests, just a bit down. I think it's coz I've got a violin lesson today. God why does my life seem to revolve around violin, piano and orchestra so much at the moment?!

14/3/03 Mood:   
Didn't get anywhere in violin, like I usually do, but there was a really good player from my orchestra who won, she did deserve to win though. So I'm happy. ^_^ Red Nose Day today, our whole school wore red and it was fun, I've come out of school early to go to orchestra practise. We've got a 4 hour rehearsal or something, then a break and then at 8pm the concert starts and finishes about 11pm. An action-packed evening tonight. I'm taping the Red Nose Day tv coz it looks fun. Dawn French as Harry Potter. A must see!

13/3/03 Mood:   
I'm a little more chilled today. Got picked for the interform volleyball team. (We'll kick 9H's ass! So ha Khine!) Uhm, not such a bad day, got violin and piano festivals tomorrow so I'm coming out of school in places. I miss French. Woot!! ^_^

12/3/03 Mood:   
ARGH!! I was so pissed off earlier tonight. In our D.T. lesson (design tech) we are making silk painted cushions. My teacher only went crazy with the sewing machine on MY work! She scrunched it all up, then handed back this manky screwed up thing, said she'd gone a bit wrong (well, duh) and told ME to unpick it all! So I spent the whole lesson after that unpicking this damn cushion. Grr. Stupid woman. *breaths deeply* I'm a little less pissed now but still, grr.

11/3/03 Mood:   
I'm in an R.E. lesson which I've escaped from somehow. I'd done my Jackie Pullinger Powerpoint Presentation but the stupid thing fucked up on me in the lesson and now all the pictures don't work. X_X I hate R.E.

9/3/03 Mood:   
Sigh, didn't do too well in the piano classes. Me and Charlotte fluffed up our duet, nerves I think coz we can play the damn piece. And my solo, ick. I can't find words for how bad it went! I didn't even get a merit, which is classed as average. o_0 Not too good then, hopefully I'll do better in the 15 and under piano and my violin class which is on Friday. Ok, I'm gonna shut up about that now, coz it seems like that's all I talk about! Had a lazy day on the comp, mainly making graphics and updating my 2 sites. I made a cute FFX Yuna layout for Day Dream Graphics, just waiting to see if it's been accepted. I worked quite hard on it too!

8/3/03 Mood:   
AAARRGGGHHH!! Festival Day!! I still can't play my solo piece but my duet is good and there are only 2 people in that class so me and Charlotte might have a chance. ^_^ The festival's at 5pm but I've got a violin lesson before that, more stress. o_0

7/3/03 Mood:   
I'm not gonna hand my options form in until the last day. I thought it was Friday yesterday so I really don't wanna go to school. X_X I've got bloody music festivals on Saturday (piano) but I can't play my solo piece and I know I'll mess it up. Grr.
I'm in my English lesson, supposed to be doing some Romeo and Juliet thing but our teacher's so dozy so she doesn't realise I'm on the internet. Duh ^_^

6/3/03 Mood:   
Eee, well, I'm choosing GCSE options and I'm sooo confused. Eep. I'm worried I'll choose the wrong subjects and I'll end up living in some dump eating beans out of a can. Sigh. ^_^