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My Diary - April 2003

29/4/03 Mood:   
Today wasn't so bad, I just have these mood things...they soon pass. This is my internet day for activities (Tuesday) so I'll be on weekly at this time! Lou has been made to do maths clinic again instead of this, which she was gonna do. Bwaha. Gran and Gramps have been round. Talking about dad's work and everything. He works for Corus...currently, but they're making loads of people redundant and stuff so if certain things happen they might not be able to afford to send me to THS. I say I'm not bothered, but I think if it came to that I prolly wouldn't want to move. Damn school fees, they've put them up too. Life really sucks ya know?

28/4/03 Mood:   
Back to school today, which I was really dreading. I always seem to be one step behind what's going on coz I never get told stuff. *sigh* And people wonder why I became a computer nerd. *big sigh* I got an e-mail (well 3 actually!) from the Morsman's of holdiay pics they took from Cyprus. I look dumb as usual! I might put a few up, depending on how my pics turn out, there are some ok ones. Badminton tonight, that might cheer me up I suppose.

27/4/03 Mood:   
Something's wrong with my right eye, it feels as if I've been punched on the corner of it. Ouch. I nearly died when I looked at my homework diary. Coz I was ill the last three days of term, I had homework I hadn't done coz I couldn't be arsed. So I had to do it today coz today is my lst day off. *o* I had a French poster, a Biology thing and a DT flowchart. I've still got the damn flowchart to do but all I've written in my homework diary is: Do flowchart...ON WHAT!?!? I can't remember. Well, I'm dropping in at Lou's house today to give her her prezzie from Cyprus (she's getting it before school so she can choose what she wants), so I'll ask her if I can copy err, borrow hers. ^_^

25/4/03 Mood:   
I'M HOME!!! Gawd I'm so knackered. It's now 7.21pm and I had to get up at 4am Turkish time which is 2am English time. Groan. And it didn't help that on the last night me and 2 other families' kids and one crazy mum went for a midnight swim in the pool! It was bloody freezing!! I've got everyone's e-mail adresses. Me and mum might go back to Hotel Sempati, I liked it a lot and I think mum would go again. We were thinking October half term for a week. Dad's working but me and mum could go together. ^_^

19/4/03 Mood:   
I managed to get back on the internet. Yey. Weather has been pretty bad, England is the hottest country in Europe at the moment and Cyprus isn't that great! There's so much I could say but my brain has gone blank dammit! Medina and Ferdi are the Sempati staff that talk the most English so we talk to them most of the time. On Thursday 17th a big group from our hotel got together and we went to this crazy guy's restaurant. He had us all dancing to Turkish music and there wasn't a menu, you just got what you were given!! Last time I came online I was quick and only came on for 10 minutes or so, but it cost me less than 20p so I'm coming on for longer this time!

13/4/03 Mood:   
Hi!!! I'm in Cyprus in an internet cafe. So I am timed. The Turkish keyboard ýs really different but some guy next to me helped me. (See? Typo in there but I'll leave it anyways! ^_^) It's raining so that's why I've come here. Got sunburn already! Everything is so cheap, I bought a black top for about 9 quid!! The people at Hotel Sempati are so nice too. They are all very friendly. Ok, I'll try to get back on but dad is getting pissed off waiting in a cafe nextdoor! Bai!

10/4/03 Mood:   
I'm in the process of making a cool new layout. But it won't go up until I get sick of this one, and I like this current one so, not yet. ^_^ It's a big contrast to this one though, and uses one of the peculiar wallpapers from Boyis. It's more techno. ^_^ Anyways, I gotta clean the hammie out before we take her to Gran's, she's looking after her while I go away. And I've gotta have a bath too, and sort out all my stuff. I've decided to write down notes on holiday to remind me of what I've done so I can type it up if I do get the chance to go to an internet cafe, if not I'll have to sweet talk the Turkish manager, Erkan, into letting me use his computer. ^-^ The Turk's apparently do anything for girls! ^_^ Funny, saying Turks reminds me of Reno and Rude and Elena from FF7.

9/4/03 Mood:   
Well, not doing much, I should be packing my suitcase for holiday (I go tomorrow morning!) but I do these things very last minute. ^_^ I made an Easter Layout for Andrea yesterday, she seemed to like it. It was my way of giving her an Easter Egg, and to say thanks! I think Andrea thinks I'm a wiz compared to her at all this website coding, nah, not really. I've transferred from the easy drag n' drop editors to the advanced notepad editor about a year ago. But I don't learn how to do the coding very much, most of it, I find what I want on tutorials, copy, paste and use it in next layouts! I will try to learn eventually, hopefully before I go to Uni so I've got a headstart. ^_^ PSP7 is really handy though, I'd recommend it to anyone, it makes the sliced image's table code for you! Eek, I'm blathering about nothing, I'm off, bai!

7/4/03 Mood:   
Isn't it nice when Monday comes and you don't have school. Yey! It's the first proper day of my 3 weeks Easter holidays! Well, I was mindlessely updating stuff in my embarrasing pink pajamas when I get a call on my mobile from Lou with Saz B. It turned out they were on my doorstep wanting to go out! lol. Anyhoo, I couldn't find my fuckin keys so they had to sit on the doorstep while I ran around in pink pajamas that the outside world are NOT supposed to see looking for my keys! I got changed then got my keys finally and let them in. We moped around for a bit, then after arguing with mum over the phone she finally let us go out (I was home alone). So the usual reprimands: Make sure you put the alarm on, lock the door, take mobile and keys, blah blah. Groan. We didn't do much though, went to the shop and got the bus into Yarm, then on to Lou's house where we watched boring films and played with this strange VERY long *cough* balloon that flew around the room when you let it go. ^_^ I want to be able to put a PHP comment system on this damn thing but I'm dumb as hell when it comes to PHP so that's a future project...Anyhoo, buhbyes!

6/4/03 Mood:   
I'm feeling loads better. So better that I redid the layout..AGAIN! Well, this is staying for at least a month or two now. Purty ne? The blog just needed more space and cute as the other little layout was, it didn't have any space and took ages to load all the stuff at once. So, I'm happy. I'm going shopping today, prolly won't buy much. It's supposed to be holiday shopping but I never get much for holdiays!
I did actually buy a few things! I got 2 pairs of shorts, navy and black, and a few strappy tops and short-sleeved ones. Nothing really fashionable. Just holdiday stuff really. I found some of those combats with the bits coming off and tried a size 8 on. Damn, they nearly fit but they were too long, the pockets were on the floor loads!
Oh yeah, saw Em, Lizzie and Sazza Wakka in Next. ^_^

4/4/03 Mood:   
I missed school today, yesterday and the day before cos my throat was all mucus (and still is a bit) and 2 days ago I had a headache, earache and stomachache. I would've gone back to school today, coz Nicki was leaving, I sit with her in Physics, so I won't see her again. :( On the other hand, I hadn't done the work I needed to do for today anyways, so...Mum said I should stay off too, coz she doesn't want me ill when we go to Cyprus! So I didn't really argue with her. And even better, I don't have to go to orchestra tonight!!

1/4/03 Mood:   
Lou is pissed off cos some Y8's are on the MSN comps. Grr. I look really dumb in my bikini for Cyprus. On Sunday I bought a CD player for Cyprus. I just burnt some CDs to take. Crap, I need the loo and I've got History in about 2 minutes. Bai!